High Heeled Shoe with Enhanced Traction

  • Increases Safety InInclement Weather
  • Reduces DangerousSlips And Falls
  • Will Not Damage FineFloor Surfaces
  • Worn In AllOccasions
  • Retains Stylish LookAt All Times


Patent #D656,719

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor LoriA. Morris ofCarsonCity, NVhas designed awomens high heeled shoe with an aggressive tread pattern on thesole and heel.

Thoseof us who live in areas where the winter season brings snow, sleet,and ice know all too well of the potential hazards associated withsuch weather. There is also a chance of slipping indoors on smoothfloor surfaces, especially when they become wet. Women who wish towear high heeled shoes, or stilettos, during such conditionsare left with no choice but to wear winter boots or rain boots andthen change into their high heels once inside. This becomes anannoyance and also compromises ones personal appearance by wearingbulky, dirty boots with fine business wear or formal wear. InventorMorrishas created a style of dress shoe that allows women to safely ventureout into any weather conditions while wearing high heels.

Thisclever new invention has a thick, aggressive tread pattern on thesole and heel to reduce dangerous slips and falls. It can be wornfor any occasion and the tread will not damage any fine floorsurfaces. Also, wearing the invention helps women to feel confidentand stylish at all times. The use of the HighHeeled Shoe with Enhanced Traction improvesones safety while allowing for comfort, convenience, and style.

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