Hide A Leash

This invention is a reflective pet collar with an integral leash.

  • Leash Readily Available
  • Saves Frustration
  • Pet Info on Bone Tag
  • Automatic Extension & Retraction
  • Keeps Leash Taught Without Slack
  • Increases Pet Safety


Design Patent #D648,905

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dana Lea Maurer of Coal Township, PA has designed a reflective pet collar with an integral leash.

The act of walking a dog is a pleasure enjoyed by many pet owners. The ability to get outside and experience nature is fun for all. However, one aggravation that many owners must face when beginning a walk is locating the leash. Often, the leash is never put back where it should be; therefore time is wasted looking for it. Additionally, many communities have enacted leash laws for the protection of pets and bystanders alike, thus enforcing the importance of the leash. Inventor Maurer has created a means by which locating a leash for walks can accomplished in a manner that is quick and easy.

This clever new invention allows a pet leash to always be readily available, which saves pet owners from frustrating situations. The leash and collar combination features a bone embodiment that not only houses the leash, but also has the pets information on it. The invention allows for the leash to remain taught without slack, which increases pet safety. The use of the Hide A Leash allows pet owners the convenience of a leash that is always close at hand.

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