Herbicide Delivery Apparatus

The invention is a cane-like apparatus that directly applies herbicide to a weed to eliminate killing nearby vegetation.

  • Used while in Standing Position
  • Herbicide Released when Pressure Is Placed On Dabber
  • Works on All Weeds
  • Doesnt Damage Surrounding Plants
  • Refillable Reservoir


Utility Patent #8,567,116

Story Behind the Invention

Homeowners, green keepers and maintenance personnel spend countless hours maintaining and beautifying their areas of green space. As a matter of pride and personal expression, these people manicure their grass walkways, flower beds, shrubs, and trees all for the sake of enhancing the aesthetic qualities of their property. An important aspect of lawn care is the removal of unwanted weeds with spray herbicide. Many have concerns about the wind carrying herbicides onto other plants. Another method of weed removal is physically removing the weed by pulling it or cutting it out. This action takes a great deal of time and presents great physical difficulties for those with bad backs, weak knees, or other ailments or disabilities. Inventor Hall has created a way for one to eliminate weeds from lawns, sidewalks, driveways and patios without these common problems.
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