Height-Adjustable Kitchen Cart

InventorMartins patent pending invention called the Height-Adjustable Kitchen Cart is a height-adjustable cartintended for use in kitchens when transferring food among ovens, stoves andcountertops.

  • Easily Move Heavy Trays or Hot Food 
  • Two-Pedal System 
  • Effortlessly Raises & Lowers 
  • Two Wheels Include Brakes 
  • Vertically Adjusts to Any Surface

Story Behind the Invention

When cooking in the kitchen, it is a very common task to have to move trays of food from one area or surface to another. These locations include ovens, stoves,countertops, serving tables and even dining tables. While small containers of food are typically easily moved about, larger and more fragile containers such as large casseroles, cake pans and roasting pans pose even more of a problemespecially when they are hot. It is often necessary to enlist the help of another person or intermediate transfer aids when dealing with such foods. However, even with such help, transfer still remains a risky propositionespecially for those who are disabled. Accordingly, there exists a need for means by which large or fragile items can be easily transferred from work surfaces of varying heights. The development of the Height-Adjustable Kitchen Cart fulfills this need.

The daughter of a disabled mother, Inventor Rebecca Martin of Tuscumbia, Missouri has developed a height-adjustable cart that is ideal for transferring food among ovens, stoves and countertops.

This clever innovation utilizes a two-pedal system that enables effortless raising and lowering. The wheeled cart features brakes for added safety. Able to vertically adjust to most surfaces, the invention allows most anyone to easily move heavy trays or hot foods. Additionally, the invention collapses for easy storage for tight spaces. The use of the Height-Adjustable Kitchen Cart provides for a customizable work surface height in a manner that is effective and easy to use.
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