Head Glo

Head Glo is a life-saving hard hat with an integral illumination system.

  • Protects Workers from Injury and Saves Lives
  • Allows for Better Visibility and Awareness
  • Meets OSHA Requirements
  • Houses Color Changing LED’s
  • Reduces Confusion on a Crowded Job Site


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sean T. Daley, an electrician from Hughesville, MD has created a life-saving hard hat with an integral illumination system.

Hard hats or safety helmets are common at construction sites and industrial establishments. Flashlights are frequently found there too to provide portable task lighting in dimly lit locations. However, flashlights are typically held in ones hand during use. If the other hand is holding a tool, both hands of the worker are now occupied. When someone else holds the flashlight, or when it is propped up, it is never aimed in the right direction, and increases aggravation while seriously jeopardizing the workers safety. Another problem found at crowded job sites is that of worker identification. Different colored hard hats can be used, but a persons task or job may change many times during the day without a change in hard hat. Also, certain colors of hard hats are hard to discern in low light conditions. In turn, Inventor Daley has created Head Glo, a product that needs to become an industry standard to reduce unnecessary accidents and save lives.

This clever new invention allows for better visibility and awareness. It meets OSHA requirements. The hard hat houses color changing LEDs. It reduces confusion on crowded job sites. Head Glo provides not only safety headgear for a worker, but provides task illumination and worker identification as well in a manner which is safe and effective.

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