Hat-Mounted Sunglass System

The invention provides a means of incorporating eye protection from strong sunlight into a baseball cap in a manner that is quick, easy and effective to use, without the drawbacks associated with separate sunglasses.

  • Prevents Loss &Damage Of Sunglasses
  • EliminatesPressures On Ears & Temple
  • Quick, Easy &Effective To Use
  • Can Retrofit ToExisting Hats
  • PermanentlyAttach to Baseball Cap


Patent #8,205,985

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Arthur Barajas of Ceres,CA has devised a new system for convenientlyincorporating sunglasses into a baseball cap.

Traditionalsunglasses are an important part of many peoples daily lives, butthey have their disadvantages. Sunglasses may fall off and break, orcause discomfort to the ears and temples when worn for an extendedperiod of time. Often, there is no convenient place to store theglasses when you remove them to go indoors, etc.

Thisclever new invention neatly solves many of these problems. Byattaching the glasses to your baseball cap, the Hat-Mounted SunglassSystem prevents the loss and damage of the glasses. This system alsoeliminates pressure on your ears and temples. The simple, effectivenature of this method allows you to permanently attach glasses toyour hat, and even allows you to retrofit the invention onto yourfavorite existing baseball cap! And when you dont need them, theglasses simply flip up on the brim of the hat and out of the way. The use of the Hat-Mounted Sunglass Systemis a great way to enjoy the outdoors in more comfort and with lesshassle.

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