Hanging Toy Ball for Dogs

The invention is a soft rubber air-filled ball suspended from a string that is intended for use as a dog toy.

  • Wont harm teeth or eyes
  • Dog can play without owner
  • One-piece design
  • No searching for lost toys
  • Lightweight & durable


Patent #D668,008

Story Behind the Invention

HOPE, AR Inventor James Randy Powell announces his patented invention known as the Hanging Toy Ball For Dogs.

Inventor Powell developed this clever innovation, which is a dog toy that consists of a soft rubber ball attached to a suspension point with a tethering line. The toy ball is soft to protect the dogs teeth and eyes and is available in multiple sizes to entertain various sized dogs. A tethering attachment ring is formed as an integral part of the ball. A string is affixed to the attachment ring in order to tether the toy ball from a suspension point at a selected height. The suspension point can be a tree limb, swing set frame, doorframe, ceiling hook, etc. The invention is particularly useful for pet owners who are handicapped or cannot exert a high level of physical effort. The use of the Hanging Toy Ball For Dogs provides entertainment for dogs, or other pets, especially when their owners are away.

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