Hands Free Fishing Pole Holder

Our Hands Free Fishing Pole Holder holds and secures a fishing pole when fishing in strong currents along a bank area. It will not only hold your fishing pole, but will save you money and possibly your life from retrieving a fallen fishing pole in a river.

  • Holds Fishing Rod While Fishing & Setting Hook
  • Indicates Fish Strike
  • Frees Hands to Hook/Bait
  • Enables Using Multiple Fishing Rods
  • Ideal for the Elderly or Disabled
  • Great Night Fishing Apparatus


Utility Patent # 9,049,853

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Michael A. Bourget of Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON has designed an apparatus to aid in the holding and securing of a fishing pole.

The technology used by anglers to catch fish has become increasingly complex in nature. Fishermen no longer rely on the traditional hook and worm approach to attract their game. Instead, a broad range of products have hit the market, designed to aid the fisherman in catching more fish quickly. However, the fisherman still has to hold the rod no matter how advanced the technology. While many will argue this is the most enjoyable part of fishing, it still presents a difficulty during some parts of the fishing experience. One of these times is while trying to place a hook, lure, float, or sinker, on the end of the rod. These operations are tricky enough as it is without requiring one hand to hold the rod. Others such as the elderly or disabled find it physically impossible to hold a rod even for a short period of time. Finally, while children typically love the whole adventure of fishing, the time spent holding a rod usually greatly exceeds their attention span. Inventor Bourget has created a means by which fishing poles can be supported in an unattended manner.

This clever new invention conveniently holds fishing rod while the fisherman sets the hook and also during fishing. It will let the fisherman know when I fish strikes, and enables the use of multiple fishing rods at one time. The invention is great for the elderly, disabled and kids. The use of the Hands Free Fishing Pole Holder allows fishermen the ability to fish while not being required to hold the rod.

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