Handheld Fishing Line Recovery System

InventorSlawsons patent pending invention called the Handheld Fishing Line RecoverySystem provides for the quick removal of spent fishing line from a fishing reel.

  • Winds Spent Line onto Empty Reel 
  • Battery-Powered Motor 
  • Compacted Line Can be Reused 
  • Fits in Tackle Box 
  • Enables Faster Rod Setup

Story Behind the Invention

fort mcmurray, ab, canada Inventor Wayne G. Slawson announceshis patent pending invention known as the HandheldFishing Line Recovery System. 


Inventor Slawson developed this clever innovation, whichprovides for the quick removal of spent fishing line from a fishing reel.  The invention consists of a cylindricalhousing that contains a rechargeable battery and a high-speed motor.  The motor is directly coupled to a threadedshaft capable of holding an empty spool that is held in place by a conventionalfastening system such as a wing nut.  Touse, fasten the loose end of the spent fishing line to an empty spool, align thereel and the spool, and finish by activating the device.  The spent line is unwound from the rod reelmaking it ready for replacement in a conventional manner.  The compacted spent line can be kept to bere-used later or discarded.  The use ofthe Handheld Fishing Line Recovery Systemallows fishermen to quickly remove line from fishing rods in a manner thatmakes ecological disposal or re-use of the old line possible.  

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