Hand Truck for Yard Equipment

The invention is a utility lawn & garden dolly that aids in the filling, holding, securing and transportation of bag style containers when performing lawn maintenance.

  • Great for Fall Leaf Cleanup
  • Adjustable for Different Sized Bags
  • Strong clips to Hold Bags
  • Durable Wheels for Easy Maneuvering
  • Supply Shelf & Lawn Tool Rack
  • Great for Paper Recycling Bags 


Design Patent #D746,530

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Thomas E. Marchant of Warwick,RI has developed a specialized dolly to helpsimplify yard work tasks.

Manycommunities participate in recycling programs for yard waste tobenefit the environment and conserve valuable landfill space. Thesecommunities often require the yard waste to be placed in paper bagsfor collection. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep paperbags in an upright position so that they can be filled with grassclippings or leaves. Often times the bag will collapse and doublethe amount of work to be done in order to collect the refuse for asecond time. Unless another person is free to help with this task,it is nearly impossible to both fill the bag and move it to the curbfor pick up. Inventor Marchant has created adevice which will not only hold a paper bag securely in place, butwill also make transporting it to the curb nearly effortless.

Thisclever new invention has strong clips to hold paper recycling bagsopen, making it ideal for fall leaf cleanup. It is even adjustableso that it can be used with different sized bags. The inventionsdurable wheels help to improve maneuverability, while the supplyshelf and lawn tool rack improve its overall utility. The HandTruck for Yard Equipment provides a simple and easyway to use paper-based recycling bags for cleaning up large amountsof yard waste.

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