Hand Crank-Powered Fan

The Hand Crank-Powered Fan is a battery powered personal fan with a hand crank generator.

  • Does Not Require Electrical Power
  • A Few Minutes of Cranking Allows For Many Minutes of Fan Operation
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Perfect for Use during a Power Failure
  • Lightweight, Sturdy, Durable


Utility Patent #9,677,565

Story Behind the Invention

Just about everyone has experienced a power failure. While flashlights and other battery operated tools help to keep households running and provide for emergency needs, one need which has gone unfulfilled is that of cooling. Many people, especially the elderly, cannot function, or even survive in periods of high heat. Standard cooling devices such as fans and air conditioners are non-operational during power failures, and there has been no acceptable battery operated substitute to date. These same cooling problems occur when camping, at outdoor events, or virtually any location where power is not available. Inventor Rodriguez has created a means by which one can always be kept cool, no matter the circumstance.

This clever new invention does not require electrical power. A few minutes of cranking allows for many minutes of fan operation. The device has a rechargeable battery pack. The invention is perfect for use during a power failure. It is lightweight, sturdy, and durable. The use of the Hand Crank-Powered Fan provides personal cooling capability during hot weather at all times, without reliance on external power.


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