Halfspike Rod Holder

The Halfspike Rod Holder separates in two so it is easily transportable and less bulky for the user.

  • More Practical and Convenient Than Conventional Rod Holders
  • Great for the Avid Fisherman
  • Strong and Durable
  • Protects Fishing Rods
  • Easy to Manufacture


Design Patent #D750,735

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Alton Y. Nakamichi of Hilo, HI has created a fishing rod holder spike that is able to be separated in two. This makes it easy to transport and less bulky for the user.

Many people enjoy fishing. Whether fishing for food or for the sport of it, the calmness and serenity of the sport coupled with the excitement of landing the big one makes fishing a popular pastime. While the exposure to the outdoors is enjoyable, the work associated with lugging around fishing equipment is not.

Inventor Nakamichi was inspired to create the Halfspike Rod Holder for fellow fishermen. This special design allows the rod holder spike to be separated for ease of transport and improved packing/unpacking. Its also a great space saver when considering the amount of supplies a fishermen must carry from home to a fishing spot.

This clever new invention is more practical and convenient than conventional rod holders. It is great for the avid fisherman. It is strong and durable to protect fishing rods. The holder is easy to manufacture.

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