Hair Styling Apparatus

The invention is an elastic loop for creating upswept hair fashions.

  • Holds style all day
  • Use for formal or casual occasions
  • Won't damage hair
  • Adult & child sizes
  • Interchangeable closure embellishments


Design Patent #D636,124

Story Behind the Invention

ANKENY, IA Inventor Cindy Dawn Smith-Wehr announces her patented invention known as the Hair Styling Apparatus.

Inventor Wehr developed this clever innovation, which is an elastic loop for creating upswept hair styles. Numerous fasteners such as snaps, loops and buttons are provided at opposite ends of the elastic loop at opposing positions relative to each other. To use, simply place the device at the juncture of the back of the neck and slide the hair through the middle of the loop. Next, the device is twisted and kept firm with a users forefingers as it is wound upwards. At the top of the head, the device is formed into a U-shape and the fastening devices are connected together. Such a pattern can be repeated in reverse and connected at the nape of the neck. The device can also be rotated to form a bun or worn as a conventional headband. The use of the Hair Styling Apparatus provides an almost unlimited number of hair styling possibilities.

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