Hair Accessory Organizer

The Hair Accessory Organizer stores womens hair accessories or jewelry in one convenient place.

  • Special Section to KeepHair Ballies Untangled
  • Shoulder Strap & Handle Attached For Portability
  • Saves Time Spent Trying To Find Accessories
  • Compartments Shut Securely
  • Used By Any Age


Design Patent #D713,995

Story Behind the Invention

Woman and girls alike enjoy collecting and wearing hair accessories and jewelry. However, the small nature of these items and the often numerous quantity makes them hard to organize and keep track of. Often items are lost or misplaced simply because of lack of organization. Additionally, items can become broken or tangled because they are not properly stored. Inventor Felder has created a means to store and organize hair accessories and jewelry in one convenient place.

This clever new invention has a shoulder strap and handle for easy portability. It has a special section to keephair ballies untangled. It will save the user time when trying to locate accessories, since everything will be in one organized space. Various compartments shut securely. It is for users of any age. The use of the Hair Accessory Organizer helps keep hair accessories and jewelry neat and ready to use in a manner that is quick, easy and effective.

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