The Gunslinger is a weapon that combines the functionality of a rifle and a slingshot.

  • Highly Accurate
  • Can Use Almost Anything for Ammunition
  • Easy To Hold and Use
  • Very Quiet When Used
  • Can Be Used for Hunting or Target Practice


Utility Patent #9,605,922

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Clinton Andrew Rowe of Spruce Home, SK has created a weapon that combines the functionality of a rifle and a slingslot.

The rifle is known for being highly accurate and easy to control, especially when the target is kept under the sights for long periods of time. Of course it is somewhat noisy, and ammunition quickly runs out if used excessively, or over long periods of time when ammunition is limited. It is also somewhat of an overkill should the target be small or close by. The slingshot on the other hand is perfect for close targets, stealthy quiet, and can use almost anything as ammunition, even rocks. However, it suffers from accuracy issues, and is somewhat difficult to hold in an armed position for any period of time more than a few seconds. Inventor Rowe has created a means by which the preferred benefits of a rifle and a slingshot can be combined to produce a weapon with advantages of both.

This clever new invention is highly accurate. You can use almost anything for ammunition. It is easy to hold and use. It is very quiet when used. The device can be used for hunting or target practice. The use of the Gunslinger provides users the versatility and power of a sling shot with the accuracy and controllability of a rifle in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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