Guard for Animal Feeders

The invention protects post and pole mounted feeders from raiding by squirrels and other unwanted animals.

  • Completely Encircles Supporting Post or Pole
  • Intended For Bird Or Deer Feeders
  • Does Not Hurt The Unwanted Animal
  • Works With Any Post or Pole Mounted Feeders
  • Easy To Install


Design Patent #D757,372

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Leonard R. Clinton of Hattiesburg, MS has designed an apparatus that protects post mounted feeders against squirrels and other unwanted animals.

Many people enjoy the presence of birds on their property and place hanging bird feeders in order to attract them. These feeders also provide food for the birds in the winter months when other food supplies are running short. The same principles apply to deer feeders. However, these feeders are susceptible to raiding by animals other than birds, especially squirrels. The squirrels not only eat from the feeders, they, being gatherers, usually take all of the food and store it for themselves, leaving none for the birds, deer and other animals who need it most. Inventor Clinton has created a means by which birds and deer can be fed from a feeder without having squirrels and other gathers tamper with it.

This clever new invention will work with both post and pole mounted feeders. It will completely encircle the post to keep out unwanted critters, yet does not hurt these animals. The invention is easy to install, and is best suited for bird or deer feeders. The use of the Guard for Animal Feeders allows people the opportunity to feed birds, deer, and other animals without worrying about squirrels consuming the food.

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