Grout Sealant Applicator

The invention is an apparatus that aids in the application of grout sealant.

  • Works with Most Grout Sealants
  • Self-Adjusts for Ideal Flow Rate
  • Flexible Tip Fits into Tight Spaces
  • Cylindrical Tube with End Cap
  • Decreased Mess & Increased Efficiency


Design Patent #D699,533

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Timothy M. Best announces his patent pending invention known as the Grout Sealant Applicator.

Inventor Best developed this clever innovation, which is an apparatus that aids in the application of grout sealant. The invention consists of a cylinder, approximately 2 inches in diameter and 2 feet long. One end of the cylinder is provided with a rubber cap and the other end of the cylinder terminates with a slim metal tube at an approximate right angle. The lower end of the tube is provided with a ball bearing tip approximately 3/16 or of an inch wide and features a spring-loaded tip similar to that of a ballpoint pen. To utilize the invention, the user would fill the cylinder with liquid grout sealant. Then, by holding the cylinder in an upright position and parallel to the surface to be sealed, the user would simply press the lower end against the grout joint. Grout sealant, at the proper flow rate, would thereby be dispensed to seal the grout. However, it should be noted that the cylinder and the tip will eventually wear out and become deformed. The use of the Grout Sealant Applicator provides a means to not only apply grout sealant, but ensure that it is applied evenly and thoroughly.

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