Grinder for Vaporizer Bowl

The invention is an herbal vaporizer with an internal grinding or mixing mechanism.

  • For Use With Herbal Products
  • Reduces Chances Of Accidental Burns
  • Allows For Less Product To Be Used
  • Eliminates Waste
  • Helps Reduce Cost


Utility Patent #9,332,879.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Joseph A. Bronson and Jareb Bronson of Aumsville, OR have designed a vaporizer bowl with an internal grinding or mixing mechanism.

The use of a vaporizer eliminates the production of irritating toxins normally associated with the smoking process in that there is no actual smoke being inhaled. An herbal vaporizer accomplishes this by heating the material to a specific temperature which releases the desired active ingredients from the material, but without heating it to combustion. However, one disadvantage of such units is that a quantity of the contained product will not be consumed due to its orientation and configuration inside of the unit. This material is then typically wasted and must be discarded. Any attempt at manual mixing exposes the product to rapidly changing temperatures as well as the user to possible burns. The Inventors have created a means by which various products inside of herbal vaporizers can be completely consumed.

This clever new invention can be used with any kind of herbal product. It eliminates waste, and allows for less product to be used at one time. These features help to reduce cost, and even reduce the chances of accidental burns. The use of the Grinder for Vaporizer Bowl provides for the vaporization of herbal products in a manner which is not only easy and effective, but quick and safe as well.

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