Grill Scraper with Attached Cleaning Brick

The Grill Scraper with Attached Cleaning Brick is a holding handle system for a grill brick.

  • Better And Safer Cleaning OfGrill Surfaces
  • Does Not Require User To Touch Grill Brick
  • Helps Meet Cleanliness Requirements
  • Prevents Burns From The Hot Grill
  • Makes Cleanup Quick And Easy


Design Patent #D750,335.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jason R. Fletcher of Prince George, BChas designed a handle system for a grill brick. 

Grill bricks arefrequently used when cleaning a large grill such as those found in a restaurantor commercial kitchen.  Such grill bricksare made with glass foam and provide the ability to remove residue and caked-oncarbon without damaging grill surfaces. They can also be used on badly charred pots and pans.  These grill bricks are typically the size ofa conventional brick and require the user to hold the brick while moving it ina back and forth scrubbing motion. Unfortunately, this places the user's hand very close to the hotgrilling surface where accidental burns can occur. Additionally, these bricksare awkward and uncomfortable for the user to hold.  InventorFletcher has created a means by whichgrill bricks can be easily and safely used to clean grilling surfaces. 

This clever new invention does not require the user tocome in direct contact with the grill brick, which provides for a better andsafer means to clean grills.  It willmake cleanup quick and easy while preventing burns.  The use of the GrillScraper with Attached Cleaning Brick allows for easy cleaning of almost any grillingsurface with in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.
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