Greeting and Flower Combination

The Greeting and Flower Combination is a vase for floral arrangements with the ability to hold a variety of different greetings.

  • Two Items in One: Flowers and Cards
  • Vase Features Decorative Madonna Silhouette and Floral Design
  • For Use with Artificial or Fresh Flowers
  • Multiple Greeting Options
  • Great Gift Idea

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Rose Ann E. Gittens of Baldwin, NY has created a means for a floral arrangement to hold a variety of different greetings.

Floral arrangements are very popular as decorations for a party, displaying in ones home, or as an eye-catching gift. However, the standard greeting card that typically comes with floral arrangements can be boring and does not allow for much customization. Additionally, greeting cards must sometimes be purchased separately from the floral arrangement, forcing the purchase of an additional item on the part of the gift provider. Inventor Gittens has created a means by which greetings and floral arrangements can be conveniently combined into one product.

This clever new invention consists of two items in one: flowers and cards. It is for use with artificial or fresh flowers. There are multiple greeting options. It is a great gift idea and perfect for any holiday. The use of the Greeting and Flower Combination allows for floral arrangements to contain a customized greeting in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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