Grass Catcher Bag Insert

The invention makes the collecting and dumping of grass clippings virtually mess free! Simply place the plastic bag insert into the grass catcher, remove when full, and place out on the curb for trash pickup. Repeat process until your yard is done.

  • Keeps Grass Catcher Clean
  • Inserts are Quickly & Easily Replaced 
  • Clips Inside Ensures Proper Placement 
  • Pin Sized Holes for Air Circulation
  • Ties Shut for Easy Disposal 
  • Fits Inside All Grass Catchers


Design Patent #D767,640.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Stanley K. Major and Deborah L. Major of Kingfisher, OK have designed a plastic liner for grass catchers.

Everyone enjoys having a nicely manicured lawn; however, not everyone enjoys cutting grass and the hassles that go along with this outdoor chore. One of the messiest and most frustrating jobs is empting the grass catcher. This task can become quite a process, especially if the grass is wet. Often the grass clippings are transferred to another bag, such as a trashcan liner. This is not an easy task as grass can end up everywhere; therefore, forcing additional clean up. If the grass is wet it often sticks inside the grass catcher, which means the user must clean that thoroughly as well. Inventor Major has created a means by which grass catchers can still be used without the hassle of transferring the clippings to another bag.

This clever new invention can be inserted quickly and easily inside the grass catcher. It features snaps to secure it to the catcher, pin sized hole for air circulation and ties shut for easy disposal. It keeps the grass catcher clean, and does not cause any additional clean up. The invention would fit most grass catchers. The use of the Grass Catcher Bag Insert makes collecting and dumping grass clippings a mess free process.

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