Golf Towel with Pocket

The invention eliminates the frustration you feel after a round of golf when you cant find your keys, watch, or other items you currently store throughout your golf bag. The multi-functional design provides a central location where you can access your pocket items quickly after a long day on the course.

  • Towel Flap to Clean Clubs
  • Integral Pocket to Store Belongings
  • Velcro Closure Secures Items
  • Hooks to Bag like Traditional Towel
  • Great Promotional Item

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Andrew L. Wilson of Norfolk,VA has designed a multifunctional golf towel.

Thegame of golf has become one the most technologically advanced sportsin the world today. Experts in science and physics have combinedstate of the art materials with ergonomic and aerodynamic principlesin order to produce golf clubs and golf balls that produce moreaccurate and consistently longer golf shots. Even with all of thistechnology, a consistent golf accessory is that of the simple golftowel. However, it would be nice if golf towels served more than onefunction. Inventor Wilson has created a meansby which golfers can store pocket items for easy access and cleantheir clubs at the same time.

Thisclever new invention features a towel flap to clean clubs, anintegral pocket to store belongings, and a Velcroclosure to secure items. It hooks to any golf bag in atraditional manner, and would make a great promotional item. The use of the Golf Towel with Pocketallows golfers to clean their clubs and store keys,watches and other small items.

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