Golf Tee Positioning Tool

  • Creates a Consistent TeeLocation
  • Eliminates Unwanted Variation inTee Placement
  • Adjustable Height for MultipleHead Sizes
  • Produces a More Consistent Swing
  • Metal or Plastic Construction


Utility Patent # 8,795,104

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Velvet Hice, Danny Ivy and Mark Gibson of Fort Smith, AR have designed a hand-held golf accessory that holds a tee in place so that it goes straight into the ground.

Having attained the status as one of the leading leisure time outdoor sporting activities in America today, the game of golf enlists participants of all ages. When hitting the links, one not only enjoys the satisfaction of being out in the fresh air and playing the game, they also gain the benefit of exercise from swinging the clubs, and walking in what can amount to several miles. However, before a single swing can be taken, the golf ball must be set upon a golf tee. This process can get a little bit tricky as the tee must be inserted straight every time in order for the golfer to get their best shot off. Luckily, the Inventors have created a means by which a golf tee can be properly set in place every time.

This clever new invention eliminates unwanted variations in tee placement by creating a consistent location. It is adjustable in height and available in multiple head sizes. This handy golf tool can be made out of either metal or plastic, and produces a more consistent swing for golfers. The use of the Golf Tee Positioning Tool allows a golf tee to be placed properly, in the same location every time in manner that is quick, easy and effective.

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