Golf Swing Training Device

The invention is a golf training aid that helps in training a golfer to keep their wrists in the proper position throughout a golf swing.

  • Eliminates Slices & Hooks
  • Reinforces Good Habits
  • Repeated Use Results In Better Swing
  • Adjustable Wrist Strap
  • Right & Left Handed


Utility Patent 8,221,255

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Richard C. Wang of Kapolei,HI has designed a golf training aid that helpsgolfers keep their wrists in the proper position.

 Thegame of golf has become one the most technologically advanced sportsin the world today. Experts in science and physics have combinedstate of the art materials with ergonomic and aerodynamic principlesin order to produce products that generate accurate and consistentlylonger golf shots. Even with all of this technology, people stillhave difficulty mastering the basics of the game. One of thesebasics is the ability to keep ones wrists in the correct positionthroughout the entire swing. The wrists of many golfers move aboutmessily during a swing. This movement then causes the face of theclub to move wildly, resulting in balls that slice off to the left orright. Inventor Wang has created a means bywhich a golfers wrists can be controlled during a golf swing.

This clever new invention reinforces good habits while eliminatingslices and hooks, and with continued practice results of a betterswing can be seen. The wrist strap is adjustable, and both right andleft handed golfers are able to use the invention. Overall, the useof the Golf Swing Training Deviceassists in the improvement of ones golf swing in a manner that isquick, easy, and effective manner.

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