Golf Score Keeping Device

Our Golf Score Keeping Device is an ornamental score keeping device worn around the wrist while playing the game of golf.

  • Rotating Dials Easily Monitors 2 Scores
  • Very Stylish & Eye Catching
  • Great Gift for Kids
  • Perfect Promotional Item
  • Attractive Dimple Shaped Golf Ball Design


Design Patent #D698,669

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Barry D. Austin of Melbourne, FL has created an ornamental score keeping device that is worn around the wrist while playing golf.

Having attained the status as one of the leading leisure time outdoor sporting activities in America today, the game of golf enlists participants of all ages. Sometimes all a child needs is a little motivation to become interested in a game, such as golf, and they will continue to enjoy it throughout their lifetime. Inventor Austin has created a wearable score keeping device that is a great giveaway for children, as well as a practical scoring mechanism for golfers of all ages.

This clever new invention is provided with rotating dials for easy monitoring of two golf scores. It is very stylish and eye catching. It has an attractive dimple-shaped golf ball design. It is great for kids and a perfect promotional item. The use of the Golf Score Keeping Device puts functionality and excitement into the game in a manner which is quick, easy and effective, and fun as well.

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