Golf Putting Game Apparatus

This invention is a golf game/training aid designed for golfers to practice putting against each other to different sized holes based on skill set.

  • 3 Hole Sizes Creates Equal Competition
  • Perfect for Indoor Practicing
  • Manual or Electric Ball Return
  • Reinforces Good Habits
  • Folds Easily For Storage & Travel


Utility Patent 8,376,871

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ira Lamar Cloud of Middleburg, FL has designed a golf training aid, which allows for golfers to practice putting based on skill set.

The game of golf has become one the most technologically advanced sports in the world today. Experts in science and physics have combined state of the art materials with ergonomic and aerodynamic principles in order to produce golf clubs and golf balls that result in accurate and consistently longer golf shots. However, practice is what makes a good golfer. One aspect of the sport which many claim to need improvement is that of putting. The current training aids available use regulation size golf ball holes, which offer no significant advantage during the actual game of golf. Inventor Cloud has created a means by which golfers can practice their putting skills in fun and advantagious manner.

This clever new invention is perfect for practicing indoors, and reinforces good habits. It has three different sized holes, ball return and folds for easy storage and travel. The use of the Golf Putting Game Apparatus allows golfers the opportunity to improve their game in a manner that is easy and efficient.

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