Glove With Retractable Ice Pick

This invention is a pair of gloves withintegrated ice picks that aid the user in pulling themselves out of icy waters incase of a fall while ice fishing.

  • Spring Loaded Pick
  • On/Off Safety Switch
  • Three Fingers Open at Ends for Dexterity
  • Multiple Glove/Mitten Versions
  • Provides Warmth & Safety

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Gerald L. Hoppes of Chase, MI has developed apair of gloves with integrated ice picks that aid the user in pullingthemselves out of icy waters in case of a fall while ice fishing or otherfrozen water activities.

Dealing withcold weather is an obstacle one must overcome when ice fishing.  Gloves can be worn, but they get wet, andrequire constant removal. A second very important issue is safety.  An important tool aiding ones safety is anice pick.  An ice pick can be used topull a person up if he/she would happen to fall through the ice.  However, it is prone to becoming easily lostor dropped due to its small size. Inventor Hoppesrecognized these issues and developed the Glove with Retractable Ice Pick tofulfill this need.

This clever newinvention features a spring loaded pick and an on/off safety switch.  Three fingers are open at the ends fordexterity.  It not only provides warmth& safety, but also comes in multiple glove/mitten versions. The use of the Glove With Retractable Ice Pick, givesusers optimal safety and warmth while enjoying any frozen water activity.

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