Gimbal Mounted Dog Dish

The invention is a pet food bowl with a gimbal mount for use in a marine environment.

  • Easily Attached to Various Surfaces
  • Height Adjustable for Animal
  • Gimbal Mount Keeps Bowl Level
  • Inward Rim Prevents Spilling/Splashing
  • Easy to Clean


Patent #8,146,534

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor William Lebby Robertson of Charleston, SC has designed a pet dish with a gimbal mount that is to be used in a moving environment.

Many pets receive their food and water from a bowl that sits on the floor; however, pets who travel with their owners on boats and other recreational vehicles must deal with a moving environment. This movement can become so aggressive that the bowl moves about the floor surface and may even spill. Inventor Robertson has created a means by which pets can be given food and water in a moving environment without the dish moving or the contents spilling.

This clever new invention features a gimbil mount that keeps the bowl level in a moving environment. This mount can easily attach to various surfaces, and can be placed at varying heights for different sized pets. Additionally, the invention features an inward rim that prevents spills and splashes. The use of the Gimbal Mounted Dog Dish provides pet owners the ability to feed their pets in a safe and secure manner.

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