Gear Shift Blocker

The Gear Shift Blocker is a “T”-shaped plug that is sized to fit snugly into the gate position between the automatic and manual gear control positions of an automobile’s shifting panel.

  • Prevents Inadvertent Selection of Auto Shift Position
  • Allows Selection of Auto Shift Only if Invention is Removed
  • No Tools Required
  • Great for Rental Cars or Teenage Drivers
  • Makes Driving a Simpler and Easier Process

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Richard Dean Carroll of Morehead, KY has created an apparatus to prevent an automatic transmission shift lever from entering into an auto shift position.

In response to the request of driving enthusiasts, many manufacturers are adding an “auto shift” selection position, which allows for user control of the selected gear, for a more sport-like driving experience.  This auto shift position is usually located at the end of the shift gate, and is often selected without being realized.  This causes a clumsy operation of the car, and a bewildering driving experience, until the driver figures out what has happened. Inventor Carroll has created a means by which the gear selection lever on automatic transmissions can be prevented from entering the auto shift position, without a specific driver action.

This clever new invention prevents an inadvertent selection of the auto shift position. It allows for the selection of auto shift only if the invention is removed. No tools are required. It is great for rental cars or teenage drivers. It makes driving a simpler and easier process. The use of the Gear Shift Blocker prevents inadvertent selection of the auto shift position on automatic transmissions, in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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