Garment Pad Retainer Clip

The Garment Pad Retainer Clip holds garment pads in place while a garment is being machine washed or dried.

  • Bra Pads Will Not Tangle in Washer/Dryer
  • Saves Time and Frustration
  • Affordable
  • Great for Bras, Swim Suit Tops, Dresses, and Tank Tops
  • Helpful for Breast Cancer Patients/Survivors with Special Garments Requiring Bra Pad Inserts


Design Patent #D794,438

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Monica E. Davis of Katy, TX has created a clip to hold garment pads in place while a garment is being machine washed or dried.

While washing or drying garments such as brassieres, the padding material often removes itself from the brassiere as a result of the washing and drying cycle. When the garment pads are free, they become entangled with the remaining laundry. It is truly a nuisance to untangle them and reinstall them within the brassiere. Inventor Davis has created a means for a clipping mechanism to retain the pads within the brassiere during the machine washing or drying process.

This clever new invention ensures that bra pads will not tangle in the washer or dryer. It saves time and frustration. It is affordable. It is great for bras, swim suit tops, dresses, and tank tops. The device is helpful for breast cancer patients and survivors with special garments requiring bra pad inserts. The use of the Garment Pad Retainer Clip conveniently saves time from having to untangle and smooth out bra inserts in clothing in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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