Garden Tool

Our Garden Tool is a hand tool that aids in the killing of weeds and the breaking up of earth.

  • Performs Functions of 3 or More Tools
  • Provides Ability to Dig, Hoe & Cut
  • Multiple Cutting Edges
  • Eliminates Having to Purchase Multiple Tools
  • Saves Space in Garages, Sheds & Trucks


Design Patent #D708,027

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Brad Ellison of Portcoquitlam, BC has created a hand tool that aids in the killing of weeds and the breaking up of earth.

One task common to many different lines of work is that of digging in the earth. Whether for killing weeds, breaking up earth, tilling, or the like, a shovel or hoe is frequently used. A pick or axe is also chosen to cut through tough weeds, saplings, or even roots as well. This requires multiple tools to be brought to the work site, and requires time to switch between tools. This also adds to the complexity of the job, and increases aggravation as well. Multiple tools additionally require more storage space. Inventor Ellison has created a means by which one hand tool can perform weed killing, and earth tilling operations.

This clever new invention performs the functions of three or more tools. It provides the ability to dig, hoe, and cut. It has multiple cutting edges. It eliminates having to purchase multiple tools. It saves space in garages, sheds, and trucks. The use of the Garden Tool provides those who frequently dig in earth, the ability to do so in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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