Game Carcass Spreading Device

The invention is an apparatus used by a hunter that allows for dressing, cleaning, and preservation of killed game.

  • Saves & Protects Meat From Spoilage
  • Used On Any Sized Animal
  • Can Be Reused
  • Saves Time & Effort
  • Quickly Adjusts Without Tools


Patent #7,922,568

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Donald Byrd of Shingle Springs, CA has created a patented apparatus that would be used by hunters for the purpose of dressing, cleaning, and preserving killed game.

Hunting Equipment has made many advances over the years, providing hunters with increased success, but some aspects of the sport still remain the same. An example of this is a common stick used hold a carcass open while cleaning and gutting the animal. Many hunters simply scrounge for a nearby branch to perform this task, but it is never the exact size needed; therefore, time is wasted looking for the proper branch and then cutting it to size. Inventor Byrd developed a means by which wild game carcasses can be kept in an open position for cleaning, gutting, and preservation.

This clever new invention quickly adjusts to the proper size without the use of tools. It can be used on animals of all sizes, and has the convenience of reuse. Additional to its use while cleaning the animal, the invention also saves and protects the meat from spoilage. The use of the Game Carcass Spreading Device allows for killed game to be dressed, cleaned, and preserved in a manner that saves time and effort.

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