Gable Ladder Bracket

The Gable Ladder Bracket is an assembly aid for use in the construction of gable roof overhangs.

  • More Structurally Sound Than Normal Construction Methods
  • Produces Higher Quality Work
  • Reduces Time Spent on Ladder
  • Can Be Used On All Types of Gable Roofs
  • Perfect for Use by Professional Contractors or Do-It-Yourselfers


Design Patent #D766,701

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jim Snell, an estimator from Okotoks, AB has created an assembly aid for use in the construction of gable roof overhangs.

While visually appealing, roof overhangs are not as strong as they used to be, because they are not as integrated with the roof system. But now theres the Gable Ladder Bracket! A series of sheet metal brackets are used to support the ladder, creating the overhanging portion of a roof. One end of the hanger is U shaped to hold a 2 X 4 (1.5 inches shorter than the overhang to accommodate the width of the sub fascia), while the opposing end is attached to the gable truss and the first truss in. Both ends are stamped out to expose an area for sheathing attachment. They are positioned 24 inches apart along the top of the gable truss to both the left and right side to produce the overhang. Installation is so easy, bracket nails are all you need.

This clever new invention is more structurally sound than normal construction methods. It produces higher quality work. It reduces time spent on a ladder. The device can be used on all types of gable roofs. It is perfect for use by professional contractors or do-it-yourselfers. For manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities, act now!

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