Furniture Support

The Furniture Support protects from damage caused by furniture rubbing against walls.

  • No Need to Repaint Walls
  • “U”-Shaped to Fit Around Furniture Leg
  • Easily Adjusts to Desired Length
  • Clear or Colored Design
  • Great for Homeowners and Renters


Design Patent #D723,852

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Gayla Martin of Fyffe, AL has created a device that protects from damage caused by furniture rubbing against walls.

For many people, their home is a source of personal pride and keeping it looking good is a priority. However, as a result of frequent use, couches, beds, and reclining furniture, often rub against the walls. This results in wall damage that can be a major eyesore. Floor protector pads are sometimes used to prevent furniture from sliding, but these devices do not always work, especially with reclining furniture. Should such wall damage occur, the only real option is to repaint the damaged walls which can be expensive, as well as a time-consuming nuisance. Inventor Martin has created a means by which walls can be protected from damage in an effort to keep a home looking its best.

This clever new invention is U-shaped to fit around furniture legs. There is no need to repaint walls. It easily adjusts to desired length. It can be clear or colored in design. It is great for homeowners or renters. The use of the Furniture Support allows for protection from furniture rubbing against walls in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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