Funnel Receptacle

The Funnel Receptacle provides a storage solution for funnels recently used during mechanical service. Made in two formats, peg-board & sheet steel style with a multitude of hooks to accommodate different size funnels.

  • Incline Ramp with Removable Bottle for Drainage
  • Both Styles Provided on Hinged Surfaces
  • Home & Commercial Version
  • Reclaimed Fluids can be Recycled or Disposed of Properly
  • Reduces Spills & Messes

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Derrick Reagan Smith of Hartsville, SC has created an apparatus that provides a storage solution for funnels that were used during motor vehicle service.

Motor vehicles require frequent monitoring, and topping off of fluid levels such as oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and the like. Most shops and garages are faced with the dilemma of what to do with the funnels between uses. If the funnels are left on a bench, they will roll around and make a mess. If they are wiped out with a rag, then a soiled rag must be dealt with. Finally, they can be set back into the open container they were used with, but that solution leaves the container open to contamination, as well as possibly allowing the funnel and container to tip over and create a bigger mess. Inventor Smith has created a means by which funnels that have been recently used can be stored and controlled without these issues.

This clever new invention has an incline ramp with removable bottle for drainage. There is a home version and a commercial version. Both styles are provided on hinged surfaces. Reclaimed fluids are able to be recycled or disposed of properly. The device also reduces spills and messes. The use of the Funnel Receptacle provides users the ability to store recently used funnels, in a manner which not only prevents a mess and keeps them handy, but is environmentally responsible as well.

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