Frost Frog

Simply place the Frost Frog in your toilets tank and your water line will never freeze!

  • No Need to Leave a Faucet Running All Day to Prevent Freeze Ups
  • Movement in the Water Line Breaks the Freezing Cycle
  • String Compromises the Seal between Flush Valve and Flapper
  • Water Seeps from Tank to Bowl Causing Ball Cock to Run in Small Amount of Water to Refill Tank
  • Plumbing Must-Have


Design Patent #D762,288

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Joseph D. Baron, a plumber from Sauk City, WI has created a product that is placed in a users toilet tank to ensure that their water line will never freeze.

While on the job, Inventor Baron would often have to deal with frozen service lines. In turn, he was inspired to create an innovative way to keep them thawed. This is when his idea for the Frost Frog was born.

With this clever new invention, there is no need to leave a faucet running all day to prevent freeze ups. Movement in the water line breaks the freezing cycle. The string compromises the seal between the flush valve and the flapper. Water seeps from the tank to the bowl causing the ball cock to occasionally run in a small amount of water to refill the tank.

The Frost Frog is truly a plumbing must-have! For manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities, act now!

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