French Braiding Template

The French Braiding Template is a tool which helps a user create a French braid hair style. The template comfortably stays in the users hair, and is hidden by the braid.

  • Completely Concealed When In Place
  • For Use On Others Or On Oneself
  • Serves As A Training Tool As Well
  • Great For Use In Hair Styling Salons
  • Easily Adapted For Other Types Of Hair Braiding


Utility Patent #8,555,898

Story Behind the Invention

The industries relating to personal style and fashion are constantly growing and evolving. People are continually striving to create and maintain their personal look, style, and identity while keeping in tune with the latest trends. Among the many facets of which these multi-million dollar trades are comprised, the field of hair design is among the largest and most highly regarded. One popular hairstyle typically worn by women with long hair is the French braid. It produces a tight braid which encompasses all hair strands. However, a French braid is often difficult to produce on others due to the requirement of symmetry and evenness for each braid. The process of producing it on oneself is even more difficult. Inventor Byrd has created a means by which the production of French braids can be simplified.

This clever new invention can be used to braid hair on others or oneself. The template stays in place and is completely concealed once the braid is complete. This product is great for use at home and in hair salons. It can also be adapted for other types of braiding. The use of the French Braiding Template provides the ability to produce French braid hairstyles in a manner which is quick, easy, and fashionable.
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