Frame System for Flower Arrangement

The Frame System for Flower Arrangement is a creative way to display flowers and balloons.

  • Countless Possibilities for Designing an Arrangement
  • Loop Features Extend Outward for Receiving Tuiling, Bows, or Other Decorative Elements
  • Serves as a Great Center Piece or Gift Basket
  • Hangs from Ceiling, Stacks on Top of One Another, or Holds Serving Pieces
  • Allows for Anyone to be Creative


Design Patent D691,388

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Pam Thomas of Fredericksburg, VA has created an innovative way to display flowers and balloons.

Many people are looking for the newest way to dress up the home, decorate for a party, or simply create an eye-catching gift. However, some people might not know how to turn their ideas into an actual arrangement. Inventor Thomas has created a system for flower arranging that gives one the means to be innovative in an unlimited number of ways.

This clever new invention allows countless possibilities for designing an arrangement. Loop features extend outward for receiving tuiling, bows, or other decorative elements. It can serve as a great center piece or gift basket. It can hang from a ceiling, stack on top of another, or hold serving pieces. It allows for anyone to be creative. The use of the Frame System for Flower Arrangement allows one numerous ways to display flowers and balloons in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective, but fun as well.
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