Infant Bottle with Formula Dispensing Means

The invention is a lid of a baby bottle that snuggly houses the nipple and holds powdered formula.

  • Quick Bottle Preparation
  • Formula & Water Are Contained Separately
  • Integral Storage Compartment For  Formula
  • Snap Top Lid
  • Reduces Stress For Parents & Care Providers


Patent Pending. Waiting on Issued Patent.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Gillian Mooney and Brian Mooney of Montauk, NY have designed a baby bottle in which the lid houses powdered formula.

Caring for an infant can be one of the most rewarding duties a person may bear, however it can also be on of the most demanding. One task that many people find trying is the process of preparing a baby bottle. One must always be cognizant of how much water and formula to mix in a particular size bottle. This process is relatively easy to accomplish in a controlled environment, however, most bottle preparation instances occur when the infant is fussing and crying. The Inventors have created a means by which infant formula can be quickly and easily prepared with little effort and at any time.

This clever new invention allows for quick bottle preparation, especially on the go. The formula and water are contained separately within the lid and bottle until the two are ready to be mixed. The invention features a snap top lid for easy access. Finally, the invention reduces stress for parents and care providers. The use of the Infant Bottle with Formula Dispensing Means provides for the quick and nearly automatic preparation of bottles in a manner which keeps infants happy and reduces time constraints for parents.

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