Fork-Shaped Fishing Lure

The invention is a fishing lure designed to optimize hook setting and landing fish.

  • Designed for catching larger fish
  • Reflective nature aids in attracting fish
  • Resists corrosion
  • Functions like regular fishing lure
  • Multiple colors & styles


Design Patent # D 630,293

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Hank Roberts of Jasper, TN has created a fishing lure that attracts larger fish through added attraction and design.

A great number of people around the world enjoy fishing. The excitement of hooking the big one is important part of the sport, but the majority of lures available are for smaller fish. Current lures tend to decrease the chances of a large fish striking. Also, if the fish does strike the small lure, there is a diminished chance of setting the hook. Finally, the lightweight construction of the hook and interconnecting components increase the risk of losing the fish while trying to reel it in. Inventor Roberts has found a solution by which a fishing lure for bass and other large fish can overcome the common disadvantages associated with available lures.

This clever new invention is ideal for catching larger fish such as bass, northern pike and the muskie. The reflective nature of the lure assists in attracting fish, and its resistance to corrosion allows the invention to be used over and over. In order to appeal to all fishermen, the invention is available in multiple sizes. The invention will require no new skill of the fisherman as it functions the same as a regular lure. The use of the Fork-Shaped Fishing Lure provides fishermen an increased chance of not only getting a fish to bite, but allows an increased ability to set the hook and land the fish.

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