Foot Scrubbing Device

The invention aids in the scrubbing and cleaning of ones feet while in the shower or bathtub.

  • Cleans Top And Bottom Of Foot
  • Takes The Shape Of A Sandal
  • Attaches To Floor Of Shower
  • Great For People With Limited Or No Capability
  • Simply Rinse When Done With Use


Utility Patent #9,084,514

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Eric L. Elswick of Galion, OH has designed an apparatus to aid in the scrubbing and cleaning of ones feet while in the shower or bathtub.

The age-old problem associated with the washing of ones feet while standing in a shower or tub has never really been solved. Usually, a person is forced to stand on one foot while washing the other. This feat is difficult for even those in good physical condition, while those who are elderly, disabled or just clumsy find it impossible to do. Long-handled scrub brushes have also been used in the past, but they are often ineffective due to the fact it is difficult to apply enough pressure. Given these problems many people do nothing with their feet thus sacrificing personal hygiene and the overall health and well being of their feet. Inventor Elswick has created a means by which an individual can quickly and easily cleanse and scrub their feet while in a shower or bathtub.

This clever new invention cleans both the top and bottom of the foot, and easily attaches to the floor of a shower or bathtub via suction cups. It takes the overall shape of a sandal, and can be filled with soap. The invention is great for people with limited strength and dexterity. The use of the Foot Scrubbing Device allows one to clean their feet while in a shower or bathtub in a quick, easy, and effective manner without the risk of falling.

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