Foot Rest Pillow

The Foot Rest Pillow is a specialized pillow used to provide support for the foot when lying down.

  • Supports Foot, Ankle, Toe, and Heel Areas
  • Remains in Place Even When Sleeping
  • For Use When Lying On One’s Back, Side, or Stomach
  • Ideal for Those with Foot Pain, Swollen Feet from Pregnancy, or Post-Foot Surgery Patients
  • Wide Variety of Colors and Styles Available


Design Patent #D770,202

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Christie Scott-Gary of Memphis, TN has created a specialized pillow used to provide support for the foot when lying down.Ask anyone who spends the day on their feet how painful it is. Many people elevate their feet upon a pillow for comfort. Unfortunately, as the user moves about, the pillow must be continuously repositioned. When sleeping at night, one is sure to awaken in the morning and find that the pillow has completely moved away from their sore feet. Inventor Scott-Gary was experiencing foot pain from wearing steel toe shoes all day. She would prop up her feet on pillows to help alievate the pain, but the pillows would move and slide while she slept. This is when the idea for the Foot Rest Pillow was born.This clever new invention supports the foot, ankle, toe, and heel areas. It remains in place no matter how the user moves. It can be used when lying on ones back, side, or stomach. The pillow is ideal for those with foot pain, swollen feet from pregnancy, or post-foot surgery patients. A wide variety of colors and styles are available. The use of the Foot Rest Pillow provides enhanced comfort for all areas of the feet no matter what position the user is lying in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.
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