Food Storage Bowl with Strainer

The Food Storage Bowl with Strainer is a food serving bowl with integrated straining capabilities.

  • Strainer and Serving Bowl in One
  • Snap On Lid for Food Storage
  • Available in Multiple Sizes
  • Saves Time, Money, and Space
  • Great for Use in Dorms and Apartments

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Troy Eugene Rickabaugh, a restaurant manager from Temple, TX has created a food serving bowl with integrated straining capabilities.

A strainer is a commonly used food preparation device typically used to remove liquid, broth, and other liquids from food products during the preparation and serving stage. Although used for only a short period of time, the strainer occupies a large amount of space in the typical kitchen. Not only does it occupy space and cost money to buy, but it also must be cleaned after each use along with the associated conventional serving bowl. This also doubles the amount of water that must be used to clean both items after use, thus creating an ecologically unfriendly situation. Inventor Rickabaugh has created a means by which the functionality of a strainer can be provided in a kitchen environment without these disadvantages.


This clever new invention is a strainer and serving bowl in one. It has a snap on lid for food storage. It is available in multiple sizes. It saves time, money, and space. It is especially great for use in dorms and apartments where space is limited. The use of the Food Storage Bowl with Strainer provides a food preparation utensil which is not only space and cost saving, but ecologically friendly as well.

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