Food Slicing Tool

The Food Slicing Tool simultaneously cuts food into even slices.

  • Can Cut Up To 16 Slices
  • Particularly Useful For Cakes and Pies
  • Great for Portion Control
  • Beneficial To Restaurants
  • Decorative End Adds Style


Design Patent #D734,105

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Victoria J. McClellan of Hoffman Estates, IL has created a tool to simultaneously cut food into even slices.

When hosting a social gathering, typically the last thing a person wants to do is struggle with cutting food like cakes and pies. It can be a messy task that takes time and proves aggravating. Even the tastiest food can lose its appeal when one has served messy and uneven slices. Additionally, some people may receive overly large slices while others could be left with thin slivers. Even if one is not entertaining, cutting food into even slices can still be frustrating. Inventor McClellan has created a tool that ensures even slices and has a decorative end for added style and beauty.

This clever new invention can cut up to 16 slices. It is particularly useful for cakes and pies. It is great for portion control. It is beneficial for use in restaurants and its decorative end adds style.  The use of the Food Slicing Tool cuts food into even slices in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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