Food & Beverage Server Resembling the Tailgate Area of a Truck

The invention looks just like a truck tailgate, which makes it ideal for parking lot tailgate parties. It will fold to fit in the trunk of most vehicles and can be set up at a party to hold various food items, beverages, cups, plates and utensils.

  • Folds Up for Easy Storage & Transportation
  • Ideal for Serving Foods & Beverages
  • Raised Sides & Fold Down Front
  • Perfect for Tailgate Parties & Picnics
  • Novel & Functional Design


Design Patent # D643,235

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robert Perry of Canonsburg, PA has designed a food and beverage server that resembles the bed of a pick-up truck.

Tailgating at a sporting event, concert or other outdoor venue has become a time-honored tradition among Americans. Rarely does a week go by when we do not encounter the use of the words tailgate or tailgating. Everyone loves to have a good time in the parking lot or at home before, and during, the big event. Food and drinks are served, music is played and games for all ages are abundant. However, it is difficult to serve food and drinks from the trunk of a car, and much easier from the bed of a pick-up truck. Not every tailgater owns a truck, and has to provide a folding table of some type to the parking lot. A plain table adds nothing to the fun and excitement of the party, plus it is difficult to get these types of tables folded and into the car. Inventor Perry has created a means by which tailgaters can get the look and feel of a pick-up truck without actually owning a truck!

This sharp new invention looks just like the bed of a truck, yet can fold to fit in the trunk of most vehicles. A larger size could be made for restaurants and sports bars also. It is ideal for serving food and beverages at tailgate parties, picnics and anywhere else you want that something special. Adding your favorite teams logo/colors or an organization/company name can make the event more than what your guests expected. This will be the hit of the tailgate party, making it easy to serve all the game-day foods and drinks. The use of the Food & Beverage Server Resembling the Tailgate Area of a Truck makes serving food and beverages a breeze- even without a truck!

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