Foam Body Pillow

The invention is a specialized pillow to support the knees in a comfortable position when sleeping on ones side.

  • Foam Filled for Sturdy Support
  • Supports Spine, Arms, Back, Upper Legs, & Hips
  • Keeps Skeletal System Aligned
  • Placed Parallel to the Users Torso
  • Protective Pillowcase


Design Patent #D 670,524

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Yvonne L. Oberlander of Hamilton, ON has created a specialized pillow to support the knees in a comfortable position while sleeping on ones side.

Many people enjoy lying on their sides while sleeping. However there are some who find the pressure that this position places upon their spine, hips, and legs to be uncomfortable. This is because the upper leg tends to pull the hip and other skeletal members out of alignment due to the unnatural position of one leg lying upon the other leg. Some people toss and turn or they put a spare pillow between their legs to help relieve this pressure. However many times this is unsuccessful as the pillow will move away from the optimum position. Inventor Oberlander has created a way for ones legs and knees to be kept in a natural position while sleeping on their sides without any of these disadvantages.

This clever new invention is foam filled for sturdy support. It supports the spine, arms, back, upper legs, and hips. It keeps the skeletal system aligned. It is placed parallel to the users torso and comes with a protective pillowcase. The use of the Foam Body Pillow provides enhanced sleeping comfort for those suffering knee, spine, and hip ailments in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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