Fluid Dispenser with Measurements

This invention is a cylinder container which various batters are stored and dispensed as part of a cooking or baking process.

  • Used To Dispense Mixtures During Cooking/Baking
  • Eliminates Need to Use Separate Measuring Cup
  • Holds Approximately One Quart of Batter
  • Two Styles:    1. Short &Wide for Pancake, Waffles, etc. Mixes    2. Long& Thin to Inject Fillings


Design Patent #D744,784.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Diana R. Zachry of Martinez, GA has designed a cylinder container that allows batters to bestored and dispensed.  

Whencooking with batter-style ingredients, such as pancake batter, an extra stepmust be taken to mix the batter in one container and then transfer it to anothercontainer so it can then be dispensed. This extra step not only waste time during the cooking process, but alsomeans an extra dish to wash during the cleaning process.  Other problems are met when working withfillings that are injected into other foods, such as pastry fillings and marinades,as it is often impossible to determine the amount of food product that has beeninjected.  InventorZachry has created a means by whichvarious batters and fillings can be easily stored, measured and dispensed. 

This clever new invention allows the user tostore, measure, and dispense batter all from one container.  It can hold up to one quart of batter beforehaving to be refilled with batter or filling. Additionally, there are two styles for this invention, the first ofwhich is designated for batters and the other for injecting fillings.  The use of the FluidDispenser with Measurements allows the user to measure and dispense variousbatter-style food products in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.
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