Flower Belt

The invention allows flower and planters to be displayed on tree trunks, poles, andmore! Comprised of a primary belt, seeded belt, seeded tree skirt,and flower pot pouches this innovative product brings beauty tootherwise dull surfaces.

  • Affixes Planters toVertical Structures
  • Pre-Seeded TreeSkirt for Flawless Gardening
  • Holds a Purity ofFlower Pots
  • Creates Dimension toGardens
  • Various Sizes


Utility Patent 8,407,936

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Donald V. Lee, Jr. of IndianTrail, NC has designed an innovativesystem for growing and displaying plants from a vertical surface.

Plantsand flowers are generally a welcome addition to any dcor. Theirvibrant colors combined with their unique physical traits often formthe centerpiece of a home or garden. Many people place such plantsoutdoors in pots to make planting and tending easier, while adding tothe aesthetic value of their property. However, a lack of horizontalsurfaces in an outdoor environment means that there are very fewplaces to locate plants and flowers. Some may decide to hang theirplants, but this is not always possible either. To solve thisproblem, Inventor Lee has created a way for bothpotted and non-potted plants to be displayed outdoors without thenecessity of a horizontal surface.

Thisclever new invention consists of a system which allows plants to beaffixed to vertical structures. Various attachments include apre-seeded skirt, pocketed skirt, pouch, and sleeve, all of which areused with the belt to hold a plurality of plants or flower pots. Thepre-seeded skirt simply needs watering to grow into a flawless floraldisplay. The invention adds dimension to any garden and is availablein various sizes to accommodate different vertical structures. Theuse of the Flower Belt allows forthe secure support of potted flowers and plants in a manner which isnot only quick, easy, and effective, but aesthetically pleasing aswell.

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