Flotation Device for Ice Chest

The Flotation Device for Ice Chest is a system and method allowing portable coolers or ice chests to float.

  • Designed To Be Used in the Water
  • Float can be Standard Accessory or Add-On Aftermarket Purchase
  • Strong and Durable
  • Great for Use While Boating or Swimming
  • Also Functions As Emergency Flotation Device


Design Patent #D786,998

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Doyle Frerich, Janet Frerich, and Shelby T. Frerich of Rosanky, TX have created a system and method allowing portable coolers or ice chests to float.

While at the beach, in a lake, on a boat, or in a backyard pool, eating and drinking often play an important role in the fun. Coolers or ice chests are used to keep food and drink at either a constant warm or cold temperature. However, with conventional coolers, a person is forced to get out of the water in order to get the food or drink item. This can be inconvenient, as well as dangerous if one would fall while walking on slippery deck surfaces. Inventors Frerich have created a means by which food and beverages may be kept at a constant temperature while being located in a water-based environment.

This clever new invention is designed to be used in the water. The float can be a standard accessory or an add-on aftermarket purchase. The device is strong and durable. It is especially great for use while boating or swimming. It also functions as an emergency flotation device. The use of the Flotation Device for Ice Chest allows for the convenience of temperature controlled food storage while boating, fishing, swimming, or enjoying other water-based sports.

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