Floor Stand Candelabra

  • Installed In Place Of Umbrellas
  • Holds Multiple Candles
  • Glass Globes Holds Candles
  • Provides Low Level Lighting At Night
  • Creates Aesthetically AppealingAmbience


Design Patent #D668,801

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor MaryAnn Oliver ofPataskala, OHhas created a one of a kind candelabraspecifically designed for use with an outdoor patio table.

Patioumbrellas have been in use for years to provide shade and shelter foroutdoor dining. In addition to shade and shelter, they also providea secluded ambiance which many find charming. However, they areprimarily intended for use during daytime hours. While exteriorlighting and even tabletop candles can be used, the lighting levelsare typically less than satisfactory. Candelabras, with manycandles, could be used, but there is typically not enough room on thetable for such a large display. Inan effort to make evening outdoor dining a more enjoyable experience,Inventor Oliverhas designed a means by which candelabras can be modified for usewith patio dining tables.

This clever new invention can beinstalled in most patio tables in place of an umbrella. It featuresmultiple glass globes that are designed to hold a single candle ineach. Finally, the invention creates a romantic atmosphere byproviding low level nighttime lighting. The use of the FloorStand Candelabra allowesfor a truly aesthetically pleasing environment that is sure toenhance any outdoor dining experience.

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